Ultimate WooCommerce plugins to increase conversion and sales rates

ROI is the ultimate desire of any online business. For this reason, most of the online stores focus on three requisite things:

1. Engaging more visitors
2. Increasing retention
3. Increasing conversion rate

If you are also dreaming for the same, then I will share a few WooCommerce plugins that can provide you with increased conversion rate and ultimately sale. Before moving ahead, let me clear you what WooCommerce is. Basically, it is a group of plugins to a WordPress CMS website. These plugins helps in converting your site into a successful e-commerce store.

Let’s have a glimpse at the WooCommerce plugins:

1. Yoast WooCommerce SEO extension

Even with excellent UX and design, you might not attract many visitors to your online WooCommerce store. So, you must try out something like Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin. This plugin is specifically designed for on-page optimization including Content Management System in a complete module without puzzling your mind in the complicated coding of a WooCommerce site. This particular plugin will let you trial with the SEO skills used to fill the Meta data in the given fields. You can also enjoy the power of social media integration with your WooCommerce site using schema, OpenGraph additions and Twitter Product cards. Configurable breadcrumbs are also something that WooCommerce has in its store for you.

2. Social Media Slider Plugin

To enhance the traffic/ visibility of your website, you have to leverage social media networking. Sharing of your content among your customers will make your online store more popularity. Share Bar offers a convenient way to the customers to share opinions, product experiences and content. Therefore, it can help you get more traffic from social media websites.

3. WooCommerce Points and Rewards Extension

Visitors or users are generally get attracted by the different sorts of incentives. The temptations of getting more incentives make them purchase more. Points and rewards extension is one of those incentives that work quite well with the WooCommerce settings. You can reward your customers based on the conversion rate that you have fixed for your store. In this way, you can encourage your customers to purchase certain categories of products. Generally, users redeem points for an additional buy or discount purpose. In this way, you can have better AOV.

4. WooCommerce Product Filter

For effective user experience, good navigation is must. WooCommerce Product Filter can take the visitors smoothly and directly to their desired product. Everything custom product filter, side menu and main menu based navigation improves efficiency of your site. Customers can easily and quickly search any product based on the item specifications in the layered navigation approach. This particular plugin enables modules to set on sub-category and category pages apart from the homepage.

All the plugins discussed above are effective in increasing conversion and sales rates. Considering these plugins can lead your business to new heights. So, you must try out them.

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