Why should you use WordPress for your website?

It was 2003 when WordPress CMS put its foot in the market. Since that it has achieved the heights of popularity and till the time, it is counted among the world’s most used Content Management System.

According to a study, approximately 74 million websites rely on WordPress whether for posting new content or running an online enterprise. However, when it comes to design a business website, most of you can still feel confused. Getting some awareness about certain reasons can make your mind to invest in this particular CMS.

Economic option

Whether you want to run a personal blog or online website, WordPress does not cost extra even if you get more traffic. Additionally, WordPress is open source thus; you can customize the functionality of your website by modifying its source code. Don’t you think this is the best reason to use WordPress.

No additional hectic

WordPress get started to use as soon as you install it. It does not require configuration. You just need to customize your theme including plug-ins according to your choice. Majority of the things come with the installation like comments and posts etc. Hundreds of amazing themes are also available that can enhance the feel of your website.


WordPress comes with numerous wonderful functionalities such as picture slider and contact forms that can be easily implemented on your website. Moreover, under the plugin section, you can download third party software pieces to enhance the appeal as desired. You can turn your site into an eCommerce store, social network or even a news site.

SEO friendly

At present, there is huge buzz of this word over the internet. And, the popularity of your business depends on its ranking given by the Search Engine. WordPress CMS let the search engine spiders to crawl through this CMS’s website thus improve its ranking. No such benefit is given by any other CMS.

Not only safe & secure but also compatible with different media sorts

WordPress is developed with the comprehensive security in mind. It is considered the safest platform to run any online website. It is not limited to writing text. You can also embed Instagram images, sound cloud audio, tweets, YouTube videos by simply pasting their URL.
Due to all these features, most of the developers use WordPress for developing online websites. If you are also thinking to start a blog or new website for your business, you must think of considering this wonderful platform.

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